Important News About Swell

Swell's journey began as a mission that every dollar you invest would have a positive impact on the world. While we’re incredibly proud of what it accomplished, Swell was not able to achieve the scale needed to sustain operations in the current market. As a result, on August 30, 2019, Swell was closed. 

Any account that still had a balance at business close on August 30, 2019 was liquidated and closed. If your bank account information on file was still valid, your money was sent via ACH withdrawal. If not, we instructed Swell's third-party brokerage, Folio Investments, Inc., to mail a check to the address we have on file. Folio can be reached at (888) 485-3456 or via email at

We’re grateful to our investors for believing in Swell. While we cannot continue the journey with you, we hope you will continue to support companies working towards positive social and environmental change.

What you’ll need to know as a Swell Investor

There’s still money in my account - what do I do?
As of August 30, 2019, Swell directed Folio Investments, Inc (“Folio”), Swell’s broker and custodian, to liquidate any remaining client accounts and disburse the balance via check or electronic deposit (ACH). ACH withdrawals were sent to your bank on file. For accounts with no valid linked bank account, checks were mailed to your address of record.

If your account still has a balance after August 30th, 2019, please contact Folio and instruct them to send you the remaining funds. They can initiate an electronic deposit to your bank account on file. In most cases, these residual funds are the result of dividends paid by stocks in your Swell portfolio after your account was liquidated.
How do I contact Folio?
You can contact Folio via email and phone. On August 30th, 2019, Swell sent you an email which contains your Folio account number. Please reference that number when contacting Folio.

Email support:
Phone Support: 1 (888) 485-3456.
How do I access my account statements and tax documents?
You can access tax documents from previous years, as well as account statements, through the Folio interface. Your 2019 tax documents should become available on the Folio platform around March 1, 2020. You will receive an email from Folio notifying you when they are available.

To learn about which type of Tax Document you should expect, click here.
How do I find my Folio account information and/or log into Folio?
Your Folio account information was included in Swell’s final email, sent on August 30th, 2019 to your email address on record.

Step-by-step instructions to log into Folio

Frequently asked questions

What was Swell Investing?
Swell Investing was an impact investing platform that allowed people to invest in portfolios of companies solving global challenges, like clean water, green technology, and zero waste. Swell helped people get started with impact investing, with an easy-to-use web platform and iOS app, and a low minimum investment of just $50.
Why did Swell shut down?
Swell was not able to achieve the scale needed to sustain investment independent operations. As a result, we closed our doors on August 30, 2019.

We hope those clients who joined Swell will continue to support socially- and environmentally-responsible companies.
Who created Swell?
Swell Investing was founded by David Fanger and backed by Pacific Life. Over the course of two years, our team grew to roughly 40 employees including designers, developers, product managers, portfolio managers, data analysts, marketers, customer support agents, and impact researchers.

While our start-up went the way of so many start-ups before us, we are deeply grateful to the thousands of clients who joined us in building Swell.
I withdrew all my money - why is there still money in my account?
Several of the stocks you owned through Swell likely paid dividends to shareholders. Dividends are usually paid quarterly, as of an announced ex-dividend date.If you owned a stock as of the ex-dividend date, then sold the stock and withdrew your funds before the dividend was paid, then the dividend would deposit into your (now) empty Folio account.This will increase your Folio account balance from a few cents to several dollars, depending on how much you had invested.

If you initiated an account transfer, Folio will forward these funds to your new brokerage account. If you withdrew funds to your linked bank account, you will need to request the remaining balance from Folio.
Brokerage services provided to former clients of Swell Investing LLC by Folio Investments, Inc., an SEC registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.

Swell Investing does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on, for tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.